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How to Live without cigarettes

·    Accept that you’ll have cravings.

·    But do not act on the cravings.

·    Accept whatever feeling you’re feeling.  It’s okay to feel unpleasant feelings.  Do not try to change them with nicotine (or food or other drugs).  They will pass.

·    Get all smoking stuff out of your house.  If you can’t bear to get rid of a special lighter or ashtray, have a friend hold onto it, but get it out of your house and car.

·    Spend as much time as possible where you cannot smoke.

·    Promise you will call someone before you smoke and talk to them about how you are really feeling.

·    Read this and other “quit smoking” info over and over.

·    Don’t expect much from yourself when you first quit.  Your body and mind are making a major adjustment.

·    Ask people to help you.

·    Avoid stress as much as possible.

·    Eat regular meals, don’t get hungry.

·    Get enough sleep.

·    Don’t smoke no matter what.

·    Accept the fact that one cigarette is as deadly to you as one drink is to an alcoholic.

My personal thoughts on ....

What to look forward to

·    Better health, more energy

·    More money

·    More time (you’ve spent a lot of time smoking)

·    More clarity and therefore (after an adjustment period) better decision-making

·    A less stressful life

·    A simpler life (less stuff to keep track of)

·    Truly feeling again

·    Increased self-esteem (“I did it!”)

·    Inspiring others

·    Finding things you love that smoking kept you from